Create A Beautiful Stone Deck with Ease!

Say goodbye to your old wooden deck! With SilcaGrate, you can easily upgrade it to a modern stone deck.

This heavy-duty, all-weather sub-flooring system allows your deck to handle any type of surfacing, including natural stone or pavers.

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    • IT’S SIMPLE – Simply install SilcaGrate on top of your newly built or existing wood or metal deck joists. Now, instead of a basic wood deck, you can easily transform your outdoor living space into a durable and beautiful stone deck.
    • UNLIMITED DESIGN OPTIONS – Easy to install, SilcaGrate opens a whole new world of hardscaped surfaces that were previously expensive, labour intensive and time-consuming. Now, your biggest chore will be deciding which stone surface to use. Choose from granite, marble, slate, brick pavers and more. Mix it up and get creative.
    • VALUE – The SilcaGrate system is not only affordable, but it will also save you expensive and time-consuming excavation and backfill while adding to your home’s value.
    • EASY INSTALLATION – SilcaGrate is quick and easy to install and works on both new and existing decks. Build your stone deck right over the top of your existing deck’s frame and joists. No excavation or backfill is needed and all concerns about heaving or settling are eliminated.
    • DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE – Forget about repairing or replacing your deck every few years. Stone decks are high-quality, durable and low maintenance, as is the SilcaGrate system underneath. Engineered for strength, it is made in the USA of recycled polymers, and its ecological footprint has been minimized every step of the way.
    • VERSATILITY – SilcaGrate is a great choice for decks, patios, balconies, pool decks, porches, stairways, gazebos, ramps, sidewalks, and docks.

    Enjoy your outdoor living space more than ever. Transform your ordinary deck into an extraordinary elevated patio and add value to your home with SilcaGrate! Find out what SilcaGrate can do for you! Talk to us about the benefits of using SilcaGrate for your outdoor hardscaping project.

    Say goodbye to your wood deck, and hello to a SilcaGrate stone deck.

    The Easy Way to Create A Beautiful Stone Deck!